can help fight host of hearing problems. It is believed that some specific yoga can help in getting relief from tinnitus, hyperacusis and other ear ailments.

Hyperacusis features an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound. The sufferers of hyperacusis find it burdensome to tolerate even normal sound. The sound that seems unpleasant to the hyperacusis patients, is not a trouble to normal people. This disease can’t make a person its victim within a short time. It gradually affects a person over a longer period. But, one can suddenly become its prey after hearing a louder sound. The medical science has advanced a lot. Therefore, the patients of hyperacusis easily get various treatments. Although there are several medicines to get the healing from hyperacusis, one may opt for natural procedure to get rid of this silent killer. ‘Yoga’ is considered as one of the natural procedures to get rid of this disease.

Since time immemorial, ‘Yoga’ has been helping us to get rid of various diseases. But one needs to practise ‘yoga’ regularly to receive the proper result. For the patients of hyperacusis, ‘yoga’ is regarded as an effective procedure to get healed. It helps to reduce the mental stress. It also helps to activate the morbid cells of the central nervous system. To increase the concentration, there is no alternative of ‘yoga’. In ancient days, monks and nuns used to practice ‘yoga’ and kept themselves fit and healthy even in their old age. A lot of research has been done upon the effectiveness of ‘yoga’ in curing hyperacusis. ‘Yoga’ heals the sufferers of hyperacusis fruitfully, but it takes a long period. Unlike allopathic medicines, it can not bring success overnight. So, patients of hyperacusis, who want to be treated with ‘yoga’ to get cured, must have patience. It is to be kept in mind that ‘yoga’ brings 100% success at last.

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    hi, i would like to know if there is a place in india that practices yoga in specifaically to cure hyperacusis. if you may have some information about that. please respond to my mail. thank you.

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