Tissue Salts

are the inorganic minerals present in the body, the deficiency of any one leads to illness. 12X Kali. Sulph taken in the evening, helps alleviate nighttime tinnitus. Nat. Mur. is also helpful in certain types of tinnitus.

Tinnitus refers to a condition when any sound becomes intolerable to a person. Generally, tinnitus patients feel pain in their ears due to any sound. This dreadful disease can attack anyone through various ways and it never spares youths also. While some people develop tinnitus over a longer period of time, some get this suddenly after hearing a loud sound. Apart from this, there are other reasons that can cause tinnitus e.g. severe headache, ear irritation, adverse drug reaction, Williams’ syndrome, Autism, Bell’s palsy, Asperger syndrome, minor head injury, chronic ear infections and others. Presently, this disease affects 55% inhabitants of the U.S.A. As medical science has advanced a lot in this modern era, there is nothing to be overtly worried about tinnitus. Nowadays, there are several ways to cure tinnitus.

Tissue Salts are very much effective in curing tinnitus. A serious tinnitus patient should take four tablets of a particular kind of tissue salt under his/her tongue every hour. Those who have more persistent problems should take four tablets for duration of four times daily for two weeks. But the tinnitus patients must consult with a registered medical practitioner before taking the tissue salts.

There are various types of tissue salts:

Ferr phos- It is useful to get rid of dizziness and ringing sound in the ears, associated with a flow of blood to the head and from flushing and throbbing headaches. The tinnitus problem is worst when getting up from sleep.

Kali phos- it is recommended for weak and nervous persons to cure their tinnitus problem.

Nat sulph- it is given to those tinnitus patients who have lost their appetite or have a bitter taste on their tongue.

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