Thermal Auricular Therapy

popularly known as Hopi Ear Candle, is considered to be beneficial in treating tinnitus. The warm candle improves blood circulation, and this may lead to reduction of noise.

Tinnitus refers to a condition when any sound becomes intolerable to a person. Generally, tinnitus patients feel pain in their ears due to any sound. This dreadful disease can attack anyone through various ways and it never spares youths also. While some people develop tinnitus over a longer period of time, some get this suddenly after hearing a loud sound. Apart from this, there are other reasons that can cause tinnitus e.g. severe headache, ear irritation, adverse drug reaction, Williams’ syndrome, Autism, Bell’s palsy, Asperger syndrome, minor head injury, chronic ear infections and others. Presently, this disease affects 55% inhabitants of the U.S.A. As medical science has advanced a lot in this modern era, there is nothing to be overtly worried about tinnitus. Nowadays there are several ways to cure tinnitus. The Thermal Auricular Therapy is one of the fruitful techniques to cure tinnitus.

Thermal Auricular Therapy, also known as ear candling, is a gentle and soothing therapy that works by the gentle vibrations of warmed air in a fine, hollow candle that is placed in the ear and lit. This has the effect of the lightest of massages on the eardrum and helps to equalize the pressure in the ears, eustachian tubes and sinuses. The candles used are made from 100% beeswax and pesticide free cotton. They also contain Sage for antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, ‘St Johns Wort’ to balance and ‘Chamomile’ to soothe.

The candles are a gentle and natural alternative to ear syringing. The heat from the candle eases pain and discomfort in the ear. The ingredients impregnated in the cotton vaporize and are drawn down the hollow center of the candle via a ‘chimney effect’. Impurities are drawn out of the ear by the candle and either burned away or collected in the filter. Both ears must be treated and the treatment takes approximately an hour. A soothing facial massage is performed afterwards, reinforcing lymph action and blood flow. Ear Candling is also a great treatment to have when recovering from a cold or ‘flu, or simply to de-stress and clear the head. The aromatherapy effects of the candle promote relaxation and stress reduction. Thus it helps to reduce tinnitus.

But it should be kept in mind that the Thermal Auricular Therapy cannot be done in the following cases:

  1. If the ear drum is perforated
  2. If grommets or other such drainage devices are in place in the eardrum
  3. If the outer ear is infected or inflamed
  4. If you are allergic to any of the candle ingredients
  5. If antibiotics are being taken for an ear, nose or throat problem
  6. If root canal or other dental work has left the face sore
  7. If a cochlea implant is in place

Therefore a tinnitus patient must consult a registered medical practitioner before undergoing this treatment.

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  1. Jannis Hannah Says:


    I have been suffering tinnitus for the past months. I have pressure,
    hissing, sensitive to noises. I am quite miserable to say the least. I
    am very much interested in the auricular therapy you have described.

    This is really just about to drive me crazy.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you.


    Jannis Hannah

  2. Jannis Hannah Says:


    I have been having problems with tinnitus for the past few months. It
    is really affecting my health. I have loud hissing in my ears, sensitive to
    noise, pressure and just about hurting my ears.

    Anything you can do at this point is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you again.


    Jannis Hannah

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