Tai Chi

is an ancient Chinese exercise. It merges several smooth and intricate movements, breath control, and meditation to achieve a harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit. It is beneficial for people suffering from tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Hyperacusis features an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound. The sufferers of hyperacusis find it burdensome to tolerate even normal sound. The sound that seems unpleasant to the hyperacusis patients, is not a trouble to normal people. This disease can’t make a person its prey within a short time. It gradually affects a person over a longer period. But, one can suddenly become a victim of hyperacusis after hearing a louder sound. The modern medical science has advanced a lot. Therefore, nothing is there to be afraid of, much about this disease.

Presently, a wide variety of treatments and medicines are available to get the healing from hyperacusis. But, one may opt for some natural procedures to get rid of this silent killer. Tai Chi is considered as a natural procedure to get rid of this disease.

Tai Chi is a special kind of martial art, discovered in China on the 12th century. In earlier days, Tai Chi was used as a traditional Chinese medicine; based on a view of the body and healing mechanisms. Nowadays, researchers have found that long-term Tai Chi practice shows some favorable and statistically significant effects on the promotion of hyperacusis. It helps to activate the obsolete nerves of the brain, related to auditory functions. The studies also express that Tai Chi, along with yoga, is able to reduce the higher levels of LDLs to 20-26 milligrams, if it is practised appropriately for atleast 12-14 weeks at a regular mode. Tai Chi’s gentle, low impact movements burn more calories than surfing and nearly as many as downhill skiing.

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