Sound Desensitization \ Pink Noise \ White Noise

This treatment requires listening to noise called pink noise, just below the intolerance level for many hours a day. This results in tolerance to sound, which leads to the stage when normal environmental sounds no longer cause discomfort or pain. It is a long procedure, and with the support from family and friends, a patient can be on the road to recovery in about six months.

Hyperacusis, one of the most vulnerable diseases, refers to a critical condition when a person can’t tolerate normal sound. Patients of hyperacusis feel pain in their ears whenever they hear normal sound. Hyperacusis can attack anyone through various ways. Some people develop that over a longer period of time and some get that suddenly after hearing a louder sound. It can also be a result of a serious head injury, over fatigue or epilepsy. Dreadful diseases such as ‘Bell’s Palsy’ and ‘Lyme disease’ are also related with such hearing disorders. High intake of synthetic drugs can also bring some negative effects that can cause hyperacusis later. Even, an able bodied youth also can become the victim of hyperacusis

When a person suffers from hyperacusis, the sound regulatory system of the central nervous system starts malfunctioning. As the medical science has made a lot of progress in the modern days, there is nothing to be afraid of hyperacusis. There are various ways to cure hyperacusis. Sound desensitization is one of the popular treatments of hyperacusis.

In this procedure, a patient is exposed to ‘pink noise’ at a volume lower than one’s discomfort level. The term, ‘pink noise’ refers to a random noise with equal amount of energy in one octave. The patients of hyperacusis should use this process for atleast two hours daily. But this system will not act dramatically. They should have patience to get a fruitful result. Apart from that, there should be support from family and friends to get rid of hyperacusis. If everything goes right, then full recovery of the patient can be achieved within six months.

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