Relaxation and meditation

Although hyperacusis is not a psychological problem, but it does evoke matters that are psychological in nature. Stress, depression, anxiety are some of the few conditions that plague a person suffering from hyperacusis. Relaxation and meditation helps fight these conditions.

Hyperacusis features an over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound. The sufferers of hyperacusis find it burdensome to tolerate even normal sound. The sound that seems unpleasant to the hyperacusis patients, is not a trouble to normal people. This disease can’t make a person its prey within a short time. It gradually affects a person over a longer period. But, one can suddenly become a victim of hyperacusis after hearing a louder sound.

Although there are several medicines to get the healing from hyperacusis, one may opt for natural procedure to get rid of this silent killer. ‘Relaxation’ and ‘Meditation’ are considered as the natural procedures to get rid of this disease.

Literally, the word ‘Meditation’ means to pacify the mind. There are lots of positive results of meditation if one performs meditation with utmost care and discipline. While anyone performs meditation, he/she usually reaches a state of super awareness. Though apparently they seem to be sleeping, they remain too much conscious in reality. There are several relaxation and meditation techniques to be followed by the patients of hyperacusis. They are - mindfulness meditation, autogenics, progressive relaxation and stretching etc. All of them help to eliminate stress, which is the prime cause of hyperacusis.

There are several techniques of relaxation and meditation that help the sufferers of hyperacusis to get the healing from tinnitus for a short period. It has been proved that meditation and relaxation are particularly effective if they are practised as part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes medication, broad-band noise generators, hearing aids and other therapies etc. Generally, if a hyperacusis patient undergoes stress, then it is arduous for him to overlook the harassing ringing sound in the ears. In such cases, relaxation counterbalances that vexation.

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