Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment (NTT)

Patients suffering from hyperacusis have also benefited from this therapy. It has five clear-cut steps, at the end of which patients find relief from hyperacusis.

Hyperacusis refers to a critical condition when a person can not tolerate any normal sound. While some people develop this over a longer period, some become the victim of this dreadful disease after hearing a loud sound. As medical science has advanced a lot, there are various ways to treat this vulnerable disease. ‘Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment’ is one of them.

‘Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment’ is an acoustic-based treatment together with assessment, monitoring, support and education from an audiologist. It is a special kind of ‘acoustic stimuli’, designed to retrain the neural channels. It increases the hearing capability and reduces the tinnitus. It is delivered in two stages through a small medical device named, ‘Neuromonics Processor’. This device resembles an MP3 player and is attached with ears by high quality earphones.

‘Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment’ performs a lot of functions. It stimulates a broad range of frequencies. It uses music as a medium of treatment. It has an intermittent exposure to the tinnitus signal. It provides a positive engagement of the limbic system. It makes an efficient promotion of tinnitus desensitization. But, this treatment undertakes at least six months to cure hyperacusis. The total treatment costs approximately $4,500 including the counseling visits, follow up telephone consults and the processor. The entire treatment is divided into four modules. Each of them is described below :-

  • At the initial stage, the audiologist assesses the patient’s hearing and tinnitus and determines his/her suitability for ‘Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment’.
  • After initial assessment, a Neuromonics Processor delivers the neurological stimulation to the brain, required to treat the patient’s tinnitus for two to three hours a day.
  • Over the following months, the patient of hyperacusis undergoes two more phases of treatment.
  • Besides, the patient gets proper education and advice from an audiologist to get the best result.
  • The patient is put under strict care. Regular follow up, phone calls and clinical appointments are are done.

Over the years, statistical reports have shown that 80-90% patients of hyperacusis have recovered from this dreadful disease.

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  1. BRIAN SMITH Says:

    The homeopathics are a waste of money; the “propietary” formulas [ e.g. “QUIETUS,SONAVIL,etc. ] were ,for me, a waste of time - I did get my money back though. The “advice therapies” were, in my opinion, bunk.

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