Music therapy

Researchers believe that music or music therapy can provide relief from tinnitus. It has been seen that music alter the physiological reaction of the body to a stimulus, including pain.

Tinnitus refers to over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound. The tinnitus sufferers find it burdensome to tolerate even normal sound. The sound that seems unpleasant to tinnitus patients does not cause any trouble to normal people. This disease can’t make a person its prey within a short time. It gradually affects a person over a longer period of time. But one can suddenly become a victim of tinnitus after hearing a loud sound or an explosion.

Although there are several medicines to get cured from tinnitus, one may opt for a natural procedure to get rid of this silent killer. Music Therapy is considered as one of the natural procedures to get rid of this disease.

In medical term, the word ‘tinnitus’ means ringing in the ears. Any form of relaxation will help tinnitus patients to reduce their mental stress. As the patient remains busier with some work, e.g listening to music, the less he/she feels the irritating ‘tinnitus’. But the volume should not be too much high. Otherwise, it will increase pain in the ears. Music therapy keeps the human mind as cool as ice. It wipes out tensions from the human mind. The cost of therapy is also moderate. Listening to relaxation tapes is one kind of music therapy. It is mainly important for those who are engaged with stressful work throughout the day.

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