Mistletoe Tea

has been used since ages to improve the blood circulation. Many a times, it is believed that tinnitus is caused due to poor blood circulation. So three cups of mistletoe tea, without sugar, in the morning helps in managing Tinnitus.

Tinnitus features over-sensitivity to certain ranges of sound frequency. The sufferers of tinnitus find it burdensome to tolerate even normal sound. The sound that seems unpleasant to tinnitus patients is not troublesome to normal people. This disease cannot make a person its victim within a short time but gradually affects a person over a longer period of time. But one can suddenly become a victim of tinnitus after hearing a loud sound. Although there are several medicines to get cured from tinnitus, one may opt for a natural procedure to get rid of this silent killer.

Mistletoe tea helps to reduce tinnitus by increasing blood circulation to different parts of the central nervous system. It also helps to enliven the morbid cells of the brain. A tinnitus patient should mix three cups of cold water and three teaspoonfuls of mistletoe herb. Then it should be kept in a cool place throughout the whole night. The next morning, the patient must take the solution without sugar. Before taking this, if the patient performs a little physical exercise, then it will be more fruitful.

But it should be kept in mind that only Mistletoe tea cannot bring complete healing from tinnitus. A tinnitus patient can take this as an additional cure.

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