Low Level Laser Therapy

have been found to be useful in case of hyperacusis.

Hyperacusis is considered as a critical disease that has become a nightmare to the urban population in recent days. It refers to a critical condition when any kind of sound becomes intolerable to hear by the affected person. Generally, the sound that bothers the hyperacusis sufferers, never causes any harm to normal people. Even, the sufferers are not affected by this disease suddenly. Some develop that over a longer period and some get that after hearing an extreme loud sound. The modern medical science has invented a number of medicines and scientific techniques to get rid of hyperacusis. ‘Low-level Laser Therapy’ is regarded as one of the modern and effective techniques to cure hyperacusis.

‘Low-level Laser Therapy’ is a scientific application of red and infrared light over the wounded parts of the human body. It improves the affected soft tissues and provides a relief from acute and chronic pain. In ‘Low-level Laser Therapy’, sub-thermal laser light energy is used. Thus, this therapy provides bio-stimulative light energy to the affected cells without damaging them. It also proffers a safe and accurate treatment to the patients of hyperacusis. The light’s energy ranges between 1 and 500 milliwatts(mW) in ‘Low-level Laser Therapy’, while it ranges between 3000 and 10000 milliwatts (mW) in Surgical Therapy. The ‘Microlight 830′, which is used in ‘Low-level Laser Therapy’, contains 90 mW unit.

‘Low-level Laser Therapy’ supplies energy to the affected organs of the human body in the form of non-thermal photons of light. That light is transmitted through the three layers of skin- dermis, epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue at all wavelengths. However, infrared light waves penetrate the deepest of the affected part. As the light is transmitted to the blood, it supplies vital oxygen and energy to every cell. Thus, it helps to activate the obsolete cells of the central nervous system also. The entire process is anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous. The patients of hyperacusis will benefit, if they choose to undergo ‘Low-level Laser Therapy’.

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  1. Michael Zazzio Says:

    My scientific research article has in february 2008 been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed MEDLINE-indexed scientific journal. The average improvement for pain thresholds were for 444 observations 15.26 dB, for 80 long term follow-up observations 4-6 months after therapy it was 23.19 dB and for short term follow-up instantly after therapy it was 13.52 dB. The results are highly significant even if compared with a palcebo group where 80 % of the population waould be expected to improve without getting any therapy at all.

    The ENT doctor, professor Matti Anniko, Akademiska at Uppsala, said in an interview in 2005 that an average improvement of 15 dB for hyperacusis patients would be arson! However, several times during the interview he was also stating that he didn’t believe in LASER therapy. For him science is obviously based upon or colored by belief instead of knowledge and a scientific approach.

    The treatment method described in the article is today used in clinical treatment and it consists of LASER therapy using semi conductor lasers, a pulsed electriomagnetic field and the measurement, control and prescription of anti-oxidants. The treatment also works on other hearing- and balance disorders.

  2. Pamela Says:

    I have experienced sudden hearing loss in one ear, presumably from labyrinthitis following a viral infection. I have not regained much hearing after 6 months, and the lingering tinnitus and hyperacusis are very troublesome. I have tried to find a practitioner using LLLT around Lexington, KY without success. Is there a list or recommendation of practitioners near Lexington. Thanks for any input!


  3. Cd dvd rw toshiba Says:

    […] Low Level Laser Therapy 16 Jan 2008. ‘Low-level Laser Therapy’ is regarded as one of the modern and. The treatment also works on other hearing- and balance disorders. Low Level Laser Therapy […]

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