is a muscle relaxant, it cuts down the turmoil caused to a patient, due to the rising auditory system.

Hyperacusis refers to a condition when a person can’t tolerate any sound. People suffering from hyperacusis, feel pain in their ears by any sound. This vulnerable disease can attack anyone through various ways. Some people develop hyperacusis over a longer period whether some get that after hearing a heavy sound. Apart from that, there are other reasons which can create hyperacusis; e.g. severe headache, ear irrigation, adverse drug reaction, Williams syndrome, Autism, Bell’s palsy, Asperger syndrome, minor head injury, chronic ear infections and others. In this modern era, medical science has advanced a lot. As a result, there are several ways to cure hyperacusis.

The drug ‘L-baclofen’, is very effective in treating hyperacusis and tinnitus. It is available in the market as a WHO-approved drug. Only the racemic form of ‘L-baclofen’ is available. It contains an equal quantity of two enantiomers. ‘L-baclofen’ creates a considerable suppression of the amplitude of the second peak in the click-evoked response from the cochlear nucleus. Bipolar recording from the external nucleus of the inferior colliculus denotes that ‘L-baclofen’ causes a reduction in the amplitude of three or four distinct peaks in this response. It helps to make an excitement in the ascending auditory channel. Thus, it helps to reduce the hyperacusis. Before consumption of ‘L-baclofen’, the patient must consult with a registered medical practitioner. It is a proven fact that ‘L-baclofen’ is able to treat hyperacusis successfully.

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