Hearing Aids

Sometimes people suffering from acute tinnitus may find relief after using hearing aids that magnify normal speech sounds above the background tinnitus sounds. Apart from altering the sound, hearing aids may be used as maskers when white noise is introduced.

Tinnitus is a collapsed tolerance to normal environmental sound to such a great extent, that even normal sound is found unbearably loud to the affected person. Some sound may cause pain in his or her ears, even if that sound is not bothersome to everyone. People, who suffer from tinnitus, are not born sound sensitive, but they gradually develop this disease. Sometimes, tinnitus becomes so traumatic that the sufferer starts to avoid public and social gatherings to get rid of that irritating noise. As avoidance is almost impossible in this technologically oriented generation, there are several procedures to get cured from this vulnerable disease. Hearing Aids e.g. earplugs are used to reduce tinnitus.

Many people who are too sensitive to sound have a propensity to protect their ears using earplugs, earmuffs or headphones. Medical practitioners also prescribe tinnitus sufferers as well as the common people to use silicon earplugs. It blocks the excessive loud sound from entering into the ear canals and auditory system. The human auditory system is made of delicate canals that are connected with several subconscious areas of the brain and autonomous nervous system. By using earplugs, 29 dB sounds can be blocked. Therefore, if anything sounds 29 dB, then we can hear only zero dB of that while using earplugs. If it sounds more than 29dB, then only the remaining sound is audible. Hence it helps to reduce the excessive sound from entering our auditory system.

There are various types of earplugs available in the market.

  • Foam type earplugs are rolled up tightly. They are inserted deeply into the canals.
  • Silicone-putty type earplugs seal off canals and bowl of ears. They are made of soft rubber and are forced deep into the ear.
  • Caliper type earplugs pinch the head with foam plugs, and then inserted into the ear.
  • Custom earplugs have cords, tubes and filters that can be altered with extraction handles.

Earplugs are available in all sorts of colors and swirls. The cost ranges between 69 cents to 250 dollars. Before using earplugs as hearing aids, a tinnitus patient must consult with a registered medical practitioner.

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