Castor Oil

has been an integral part of home remedies for the treatment of Tinnitus. It is suggested that three or four drops of castor oil should be applied on the ears once a day.

Tinnitus refers to a condition when any sound becomes intolerable to a person. Generally, tinnitus patients feel pain in their ears due to any sound. This dreadful disease can attack anyone through various ways and it never spares youths also. While some people develop tinnitus over a longer period of time, some get this suddenly after hearing a loud sound. Apart from this, there are other reasons that can cause tinnitus e.g. severe headache, ear irritation, adverse drug reaction, Williams’ syndrome, Autism, Bell’s palsy, Asperger syndrome, minor head injury, chronic ear infections and others. Presently, this disease affects 55% inhabitants of the U.S.A. As medical science has advanced a lot in this modern era, there is nothing to be overtly worried about tinnitus. Nowadays there are several ways to cure tinnitus. Using of Castor Oil is one of the fruitful techniques to cure tinnitus.

Castor oil is mainly a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean whose scientific name is ‘Ricinus Communis’. Having the CAS number 8001-79-4, castor oil is almost colorless and odorless and is a pale yellow liquid. Its boiling point is 313 °C or 595.4 °F and its density is 961 kg·m-3. Chemically, it belongs to the triglyceride community that is made up of ninety percent fatty acid chains like ricinoleic acid. The other remarkable constituents of this oil are Oleic and Linoleic acids.

Since time immemorial, castor oil has been playing a major role in curing tinnitus. A castor oil pack is manufactured by soaking a piece of flannel in castor oil, then putting it on the affected ears. At the same time, additional heat by a hot water bottle needs to be provided upon the affected ears. This oil treats the damaged cells of the brain and helps them to activate. Castor oil also treats the cochlear. By the way, tinnitus patients must remember that only using of castor oil does not bring complete healing from tinnitus. This oil can be used as an additional method to get cured from tinnitus. Moreover one should consult with a registered medical practitioner before using castor oil.

9 Responses to “Castor Oil”

  1. denise Says:

    I have just started using it for tinitus.

    anyone else doing this or had results ?


  2. yemisi Says:

    Pls can someone tell me how castor oil work for bells palsy

  3. nizar manji Says:

    I had sinuses for over 50 years, and every two or three months i had to go and get a prescription, but about a year back I read about Castor Oil, and put in five or six drops in each nostril before going to sleep.
    Thanks God a million, within a couple of weeks, it just disappeared.

  4. lisa Says:

    After six months trying everything and yes some natural remedies like the homeopathic ones did lower the volume but didn’t make it go mom told me to put a bit of Castor Oil in my ears and YES within one hour it was gone.. I took it again this morning and it is lowered to 99%! I swear this worked !! Please try it!!
    Why isn’t anyone recommending this???

  5. Heers Says:

    Keen to know from those who have tried this for tinnitus treatment, did castor oil help and for how long you used it?

  6. toxicsoul Says:

    I’ve just started using castor oil a few days ago. I haven’t noticed any difference yet. Will update in another week.

  7. Emma Sanford Says:

    I just started using castor oil for my tinnitus yesterday night and I am using Q tips to put the oil in my ear. Is it better with an ear dropper and cottonballs? I don`t have an ear dropper or cottonballs. When I woke up this morning I got a taste of what my life used to be like waking up every morning WITHOUT the ringing that lasted for a few hours.

  8. Martin Says:

    I am suffering of tinnitus for more that one and half year. I have tried many remedies but nothing helped yet. I am planning to try also Castol oil, when I read about it few days ago. Toxicsoul, how do you feel now? Is there any improvement? I am just surprised how it will go on in my case, I will report it. Did you use it orally or just dropping into ear? Thanks for response.

  9. Sarah Says:

    Hi..martin,emma and toxic soul….did u continue the castor oil and how ia it going? Improvements?
    Plssssss share

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