According to Ayurveda, people with vata imbalance may also suffer from hyperacusis.

Hyperacusis refers to a condition when one suffers from an abnormal sensitivity to everyday sounds and noises. Since time immemorial, Ayurveda has been curing hyperacusis successfully. According to Ayurvedic doctrine, hyperacusis is not a disease, but a symptom of ‘prana vayu’ disturbance. The word ‘prana vayu’ means the ‘vata’ which stays in the head and directs all major cerebral activities. Dried ear wax, pain and deafness are the primary symptoms of hyperacusis. Ayurveda offers several treatments to cure hyperacusis.

Acorus calamus (Nasya Vacha)

It is basically an oil nasya having a powerful effect in pacifying and balancing the ‘prana vayu’. A medicated mixture of sesame oil and calamus root is to be taken nasally. One should use five drops in each nostril twice daily. It helps to nourish the senses that eliminate excess ‘vata’ from there.

Massage (Abhyanga)

It includes ‘Shiroabhyanga’ or head massage and ‘padabhyanga’ or foot massage. The patient should get the massage on the feet and on the scalp of head with warm sesame oil. It helps to pacify the ‘prana vayu’. The massage should be done regularly at bedtime.

Ear Drops (Karnapooran)

Ten drops of warm sesame oil is to be applied daily in each ear. It appeases the ‘vata’ in the ears. The oil has to be kept in the right ear for atleast five to ten minutes. Then the ear has to be cleaned carefully. After that, the same procedure is to be carried in the left ear. During the entire procedure, the patient has to lie down on a bed. This unique ayurvedic treatment is able to reduce tinnitus hyperacusis within few days. Generally, ‘Bilwadi tail’, ‘Apamargkshar tail’ and ‘Dashmool tail’ are used as ear drops.

Kawala Gargling of medicated oils is also used to cure hyperacusis. The proper use of this oil strengthens the nerves of eyes and ears. It also appeases the excess vata.

A quarter teaspoon of sarasvat churna is also given twice daily after meals as an oral dose.

The patient should avoid the consumption of caffeine, nicotine, cocaine etc as these can increase the hyperacusis. Even, excessive watching of television, working with computers and sleeping near an electrical appliance must be avoided as they are detrimental for the patients.

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