Arches Tinnitus Relief Formula (TRF)

benefits people suffering from various ear ailments such as; hyperacusis and tinnitus.

Hyperacusis refers to a condition when any sound becomes intolerable to a person. Generally, patients of hyperacusis feel pain in their ears by any sound. This dreadful disease can attack anyone through various ways. While some people develop hyperacusis over a longer period, some get that suddenly after hearing a heavy sound. As medical science has advanced a lot in this modern era, there is nothing to be afraid about hyperacusis. Nowadays, there are several ways to cure Hyperacusis. ‘Arches’, a renowned medicine manufacturing company, has been producing effective medicines to cure hyperacusis since a long period.

Arches’ always uses superior quality ingredients in its medicines. Research has proved that only high standard ‘Ginkgo Biloba’ extract, which is naturally grown, barring the use of poisonous chemical pesticides or fertilizers, can give fruitful result to cure hyperacusis and tinnitus. Amino acid chelated zinc has the capacity of easy absorption. The deodorized garlic helps to control blood pressure and reduces the mental stress. It also attenuates the excess storage of cholesterol, which is found in the small artery leading to the inner ear.

Each bottle of ‘Arches Tinnitus Relief Formula’ contains 100 capsules. A hyperacusis patient must take 2 capsules twice daily. Each capsule contains 15 mg of amino acid chelated zinc, 240 mg of premium-grade ginkgo biloba extract and 300 mg of deodorized garlic. It costs $34.95 only.

According to Michael Seidman, MD of ‘Tinnitus Authority’, patients of hyperacusis must take 2 capsules twice daily for at least 100 days in order to achieve complete healing. But it is to be kept in mind that one must take prior permission from a registered medical practitioner before the consumption of ‘Arches Tinnitus Relief Formula’.

2 Responses to “Arches Tinnitus Relief Formula (TRF)”

  1. Margit Says:

    According the information 2 capsules should be taken twice daily for at least 100 days to achieve complete healing of hyperacusis. I am taking these pills now since 90 days but so far there is absolutely no improvement or any change to my suffering from hyperacusis. As I am convinced that even if I complete the 100 days taking the pills there will surely be no help for me. Therefore I give up. It was not only a waste of money; another hope to get help has turned out to be a hoax.

    I have tried now almost everything from A to Z to get help for this disease but I am afraid the winners are just the various industries.

  2. Eda Says:

    I also have hyperacusis and tinnitus and what I’m trying now is sound therapy. If it doesn’t help at least makes me feel a bit more relaxed… Hope we all find a relief someday.

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