Anxiety Relief Techniques (ART)

gets rid of the negative emotions affiliated with tinnitus and hyperacusis such as; anxiety, fear, & frustration.

In the era of globalisation, we run like a machine. Life has become full of bustle and hurry. As a result, our stress levels usually touch the sky limit and climb further more. It has been scientifically proven that high levels of stress and anxiety welcome an ocean of diseases. Hyperacusis, a dreadful disease also is the result of excessive anxiety and stress. It refers to a critical condition when any sound becomes intolerable to the affected person. In some cases, some people develop this disease over a longer period while some become victims after hearing a loud sound.

It is really impossible to ignore all the stress and anxiety in such a modernized world. But there are various ways to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety. If anyone practices the following techniques, then there are possibilities to prevent anxiety related diseases.

  • DIET – Too much intake of caffeine or sugar should be avoided as it increases the anxiety levels.
  • EXERCISE – Each person should do minimum physical exercise regularly. It helps to release endorphin which reduces stress and anxiety. Consequently, it keeps us physically fit.
  • MEDITATION– Regular meditation helps to reduce anxiety. It keeps the mind as cool as ice.
  • YOGA- Practicing Yoga is very much effective in reducing anxiety. Even, it keeps our body physically fit.
  • ALCOHOL – Excessive intake of alcoholic drinks is fatal for health. Therefore, high intake of alcoholic drinks, smoking should be stopped. As a result, it will reduce the anxiety.
  • SLEEP – One able bodied person should not sleep more than seven hours in a day. Excessive sleeping generally exaggerates stress levels.
  • RELATIONSHIP – Everybody should try to keep a healthy relationship with all. Abusive relationship only aggravates the level of stress.

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