the use of hearing aids, or both hearing aids and maskers, lowers tinnitus. It may be due to the reduction in difference between tinnitus and silence, or maybe because of the new stimulant provided to the brain.

Tinnitus refers to hearing disorders in one or both the ears or in the head though there is no such sound coming at all from outside. But, the tinnitus patients always hear peculiar sounds like ringing, buzzing, chirping, whistling, cricket sound, ocean sound, pulsation like a heartbeat, roaring, roaring pulse, hissing or popping etc. Presently 50 million Americans have been suffering from tinnitus. This dreadful disease can be permanent or intermittent. It is mainly noticeable at night when the entire surroundings are calm and quiet. This disease can occur in one or both the ears. But, the irritating sound can be very low or incredibly loud. It is found that tinnitus sufferers often ignore this disease at its primary stage. But, when it takes a giant form, patients get too much nervous. As medical science has developed a lot, there are several ways to cure tinnitus. Amplification is one of the effective ways to get cured from tinnitus.

Proper amplification reduces tinnitus because it counters the ‘auditory deprivation effect’. It also controls the functions of the central auditory nervous system to improve the lack of sound input because of the hearing loss.

When there is a hearing disorder, the auditory nerves of the central nervous system do not receive adequate sound stimulation. Sometimes the brain focuses on minor changes in the auditory system such as nerve conduction rates that are slightly irregular due to subtle failure of hearing because of auditory disorder. The auditory nerves of the brain may fix this on the ‘internal noise’, because of less sound stimulation. Generally the brain ignores these tiny internal sound disorders but when there is maximum hearing loss, less stimulation causes the brain to make tunes on these minor changes and even increase the volume on them, which is familiar as tinnitus.

By providing increased auditory stimulation to the auditory nerves of the central nervous system the human brain is compelled to alleviate the irritating sounds of tinnitus. This treatment is also known as the residual habituation. Thus, proper use of amplification decreases tinnitus remarkably. The relief is also ever lasting.

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